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04 Jun 2005 I recently decided that the rc1 build (first release candidate) will have the completed conjugation engine, but will not include the finished SDK.  Rc1 will be the first external RPM release.  It should be up for download as soon as I get a good long coding session in, which means that it may never happen.
04 Jun 2005 The structure in grammar.h is getting close to what it will look like in the final build.  Maybe.
04 Jun 2005 The SDK has been added to the source tarball, but is not yet available as part of the DOS or Unix builds.  The SDK has also been added to the makefile for easy building (how exciting).  The spec file for building RPMs has been there for awhile, but no one noticed, so I thought I would point that out.
01 Jun 2005 The structure of the files for download was confusing (especially for me, and that's what matters), so I rearranged everything.  ConjuGNU will soon be available for test as an RPM for i686.
01 Jun 2005 When the correction for the 06 May nightly was made, we lost all previous builds.
28 May 2005 Oops, we made a mistake.  The "nightly" for 06 May was accidentally named * which may have been confusing for users.  The problem has been corrected.
18 Apr 2005 ConjuWiki, the wiki page for ConjuGNU is now up and running.  It is running on WikiMedia's wiki software version 1.4.0 the same software that powers Wikipedia.  The history page should move there in the near future, but this may not happen.
Undated Hydrogsogilby now in charge of web development (sort of).  Update: Hydrogsogilby has not yet taken over web development.  We don't know when this will happen.
Undated Language file format 0.4x now implemented, which means we have moved into a "pure" XML format.

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