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Description: The focus of ConjuGNU is to create a verb conjugation program that will be universal (any number of languages) and can easily be integrated into a grammar program.  We are proud to announce that release 4.0 (arpeggios) is almost completed.  Get the latest build.

Marketing: We have created a series of web headers that you can use to link back this web page.  In the future, we will make more of these logos along with marketing instructions.  You can submit your ideas by emailing the project lead.

News: -> (20 Jun 2005) Our new logo is finally finished.  It can be easily recreated with the GIMP.  The old logo, which was also created using the GIMP, has been moved to the web headers directory.
-> (13 Jun 2005) ConjuGNU Project Lead Luke Myers has been invited to present at the 2005 National Youth Leadership Forum in San Jose, California.  The outline for his presentation, entitled "Involvement in Open Source," is available on the web.  The focus is to be an introduction to student involvement in free software development.  The date of the presentation and more detailed information on the topic will become available in the near future.
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Goals for 4.0 (codename "arpeggios")
  • Ability to conjugate verbs in Spanish using external files
  • Complete transition from BASIC to C
  • Operating system portability
  • Create SDK for external language files
Goals for 4.0.1 (codename "cacti")
  • Ability to conjugate verbs in multiple languages using external files
  • Complete integration of English, French, Italian, and Portuguese conjugations into ConjuGNU with the ability to easily install new ones.
Goals for 4.1
  • Use two persons/subjects to build a sentence
  • Grammar checking for simple sentences
Goals for 4.2
Too far off to plan and I don't want to sound too ambitious or set myself up for failure.  This release will probably build on simple sentences to include compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences.  This will be the first version to break down sentences into clauses and further down to phrases.
Features for 3.1.1
  • Ability to conjugate verbs in Spanish
  • Choose tense, person, reflexive/non-reflexive, etc.
Links -- information on the lingucomponent project -- Official page for the An Gramadóir grammar checker -- Daniel Naber's LanguageTool
Wish list
  • Documentation.  For now if you have a problem, just remember: there is no manual, so RTFM!
  • Anyone who able and willing to make a language file should contact the list.
  • A mascot

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